Founded in 2012 by Couples, CHU LARRY MEH   & MFOR CAROLINE ELLO both are finance professionals ELLOMEH GROUP OF COMPANIES is among the most well-respected family company names in the Cameroon and Africa. The management of the Group’s companies is undertaken by ELLOMEH GROUP LTD employing over 500 people and over 7 nationalities, the ELLOMEH GROUP OF COMPANIES business focus covers Travel & Tourism, Real Estate, Poultry Farming, Education, Business Consultancy, as well as representing a diverse portfolio of global brands in the Clothing and Fashion, Transportation, Travel,  and Automotive arenas. We are strongly and wholeheartedly engage in sustainability at every level in our organisation, starting from the very top, and we acknowledge the vital role it has to play in any organization looking to a successful future.


Our mission is to build on the core strengths in our portfolios and combine this with intelligent diversification to achieve strong and sustainable profitable growth and to give life a meaning to the society and our environment. Sustainability and quality customer service run through the veins of everything we do supporting our vision to be an employer and business partner of choice, both in the Cameroon and in the world and   be the “Best In Class

  • To work towards satisfying our customers’ expectations, by providing them best services and high quality products at competitive market prices.
  • To create improved, good and ethical work environment at our organization for our employees and treat each individual with respect and dignity.
  • To respond to economic and competitive forces more promptly, and each individual will learn to work as team towards the success of the organization.
  • To expand our organization globally and add up different products to our products list with the help of our experience and teamwork


As Ellomeh  Group of companies we continue to uphold our Vision of becoming a global leader in the various  business sectors  we operate in  by accomplishing the following strategies.

  • To expand in the African Continent, Middle East and  Asia  and why not the  world.
  • To satisfy the needs of all our customers globally by supplying quality products and services, by making attempt to bring improvements in all our activities.
  • To make every attempt to implement the best technologies to improve our productivity and simplify our customer chain.
  • To establish good leadership in working with local communities setting up business in new and upcoming markets.
  • To have respect for environment and caring for the communities we work with by making proper utilization of resources available.