Ellomeh Group is so passionate  about  education. We  have projects currently for Primary , Secondary , higher and Professional Education. we  are proud  to announce  that by 2020 we shall lunch the  best  Law  school in Africa  to train common Law lawyers and  Law practitioner and also a medical  school

Apart from imparting quality education, the schools aims at an all-round development of personality, moulding young minds into leaders of the future, with emphasis on independent thinking, decision-making and social responsibilities.

Besides academics, the Ellomeh institutes will  also offer a plethora of activities to hone the students’ talents. It has a swimming pool, a tennis court, and basketball, volleyball and football courts. There are many activity clubs for public speaking, dramatics, art and craft, computer, chess, gymnastics and more.

Ellomeh institutes will  illustrate  it’s motto of ‘Service Before Self’.