Ellomeh Poultry Farms was established as a subsidiary of Ellomeh Group. Ellomeh poultry farm isone of the  largest poulty farms in cameroon . The farm covers 250 hectares with a processing capacity of over 24,000 birds daily. With its ultra-modern production facilities, in line with International Standards, Ellomeh poultry farm prides its range of products made from fresh chicken and processed meat products in the Cameroon holding a 65% market share.

With guaranteed 100% Halal products using high international operating standards, certified by ISO and HACCP, Ellomeh poultry farm frozen products are also sought after for export to countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

Ellomeh poultry farm has a robust distribution network and supplies directly to all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, grocery stores and retail outlets. Ellomeh poultry farm is also a preferred poultry and processed meat supplier to hotels and restaurants as well as VIP caterings in the Cameroon & Africa.

Having a strong distribution network is one of Ellomeh Farm’s major strengths alongside high international operating standards to ensure the freshness and food safety of Ellomeh poultry farm products.


  • Ellomeh Farm’s is the largest poultry farm in the Cameroon.
  • Guaranteed 100% Halal with 24,000 chickens a day hand slaughtered, approximately 3,000 birds per hour.
  • Ellomeh Farm’s Chickens are given 100% natural feed.
  • Ellomeh Farm’s promotes Animal Welfare, free access to food and water for our chickens and rest time is given.
  • Ellomeh Farm’s chickens have not been treated with anti-biotic or growth hormones at any stage.
  • As a zero waste company, all Ellomeh Farm’s waste is recycled, as an example, the waste water is treated and used as irrigation for the plants in the farm.
  • Guaranteed freshness, our chickens are only 8 hours from slaughtering to supermarket.
  • Ellomeh Farm’s is ISO 2200, ISO 14001 and HACCP certified company.

Form  More information about Ellomeh farms  and  products  please   send  an email to info@ellomehfarms.com or  visit our  website  by clicking the  linked below