Ellomeh Group is a major player in the region’s real estate industry through various interests in the property development market. The volume of its investments recently reached upwards and very high, distributed over several projects. In Cameroon and  some African Countries the crowning glory of the Group’s project portfolio is the talk of the day

Cameroon population has grown massively during the past years. Ellomeh restate is very conscious of this and works towards meeting the need of generations to come when housing is concern.

In the s.w region of Cameroon right now, the  development of luxury villas and subdivisions  attracts real estate investors with whom Ellomeh Properties is collaborating  to  establish  hotels, leisure parks and malls  to cater  for the growing tourism industry  in the country and continent of Africa as a whole

Ellomeh Group has entered into a joint venture with some of the best renowned companies with an insatiable passion for recognizing beauty through the designs. We have composed a  team of esteemed and high profiled company specialized in the architectural and interior design of hotels, office buildings, apartments and other structures, hotel refurbishment, Entertainment Park, spa, golf course and other related activities.

Our partners have invaluable experience and expertise in the fields of decorative and structural designs that place importance on understanding the specific needs and wishes of the clients. They are capable of delivering personalized service on an uncompromisingly high standard.

Our team of highly-trained designers will be able to incorporate functions in the design.  It may be private residence, corporate space, development, yacht, or private jet, tenant spaces, common areas, lobbies or atriums but our team will not push their own preferences on you, we allow your business, its goals, and your people to influence the design. We also take time to understand the life that fills the environment. We consider the things that matters to you, your family and their routines. It is how we shape structures and introduce design details that make living easier, and more enjoyable. Through this collaborative approach, we will be able to achieve successful design solutions.

A design should not only make the space look good but also adds value to the property. The real estate design should improve the reputation of the structure, attracts tenants, increase the value of the property, maximize employee’s productivity and improve tenant retention rate.

Ellomeh Group and its partners approach interior design with an architectural eye. We have in-house professionals that could evaluate and improve fundamentals of your property and its surroundings. Depending on your requirements, our team can effect simple or significant alteration that enhance the composition and character of spaces, resolve flaws in the original construction, and increase market value.

Our highly trained team is also equipped with the latest technology in interior design. They could walk through the clients in the structured design concept creation and approval process using the 2D and 3D visualization. This will ensure that the clients have a full control of the project outcome.

Our goal is to provide a space well-suited to function according to the client’s needs, a fun and enjoyable environment where family and friends gather, a place for quiet and relaxation; your very own perfect place!