Ellomeh Supermarket  is  one of the largest  retail chain  store in Cameroon. we are  the first supermarket to introduce digital shopping in Cameroon  and  in most African  regions. We have taken this step because our customers are our number one priority and we believe we have to be constantly innovative in order to meet their requirements.

We’re determined to revolutionize the shopping concept in Cameroon, making the shopping experience quicker, easier and more fun.

Not only is self-scanning more fun, it’s also fast as it will eliminate queues and lines and gives shoppers more control over their shopping experience!

As an innovative project, part of Ellomeh Supermarket is  is “Click and Collect” which enables our customers to shop online and collect their purchased items from the store, in addition to “Ellomeh Supermarket App” that allows customers to shop using their own cellphones after downloading the application

You can order online and pay cash or credit card at your doorstep.
In fact, all the products are priced to meet maximum supermarket prices and that already includes the delivery on regular days. 

Unusually for Cameroon, quality reigns supreme and is very important to  them, providing everything you can drink, snackfood, canned food, pasta, sauces, household items as tissues / wipes, cleaning articles up to pet care for cats and dogs.

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