Move Forward
We pursue innovation and strive for continuous improvement. 
We share our knowledge across the Group and learn from each other. 
We are open minded and explore.
Rely on Each Other
We depend on cohesive teams and companies to achieve the Group’s vision. 
We respect the diversity of our Group. 
We expect high level of ethics and professionalism.
Put the Group’s Interest First
We commit to Group Values. 
We combine the strengths of our companies for the benefit of the Group. 
We are loyal to the Group and have pride in our companies.
Take Charge
We take ownership and are accountable for our actions. 
We work smart. 
We take responsibility for our performance and our teams’ delivery.


  • Commit to optimal standards of quality, integrity, performance and professionalism

    • Hold on to long-term business relationships with partners and business tie-ups locally and worldwide

    • Uphold sustainable growth in ventured business sectors

    • Conduct advanced research and development (R&D) to deliver highly innovative products and services

    • Actively develop our employees’ competencies, building team work, spirit and loyalty

  • Support healthy lifestyle of the employees through a work-life balance

    • Conserve resources and add value to the community

    • Promote sustainable environment practices

    • Transfer knowledge to the group’s employees, partners and community